Innovative Education


Access to applications and training, the ability to target students for an internship,
professional teaching and practice


The scope of the license:

  • For the entire university, faculty or departments or institute

  • e-risk for any number of users

  • Server for e-risk for a specific number or an unlimited number of users

  • Can be installed on home computers of staff and students


All at very favourable financing terms


Training and support:

  • Installation and configuration by an IT professional

  • Training for staff, students and administrators

  • Consultation in the planning and risk analysis, presentation and interpretation of results

  • On-line access to system support

  • Full after sales service, including software maintenance, development and possible further
modifications due to changes in legislation and emerging needs and changes over time, such as the base technology

  • Supporting research and teaching

  • Tool to increase the attractiveness of educational activities related to the wider management of an organization

  • Support for educational programmes, both in the lecture and workshop and embedded training materials in electronic format

  • Free webinars with the service and the use of risk management tools for e-risk


Why e-risk?

A versatile software programme for risk assessment and analysis, and to promote education in the management of an organization
We already work with many universities in Europe.

If you are interested in details of our academic cooperation programme we invite you to contact us directly.