It automatically retrieves data from the database and provides it to the user

The operational events module is an integrated solution that ensures continuous acquisition of incident data as part of the operational risk management process. The operational events can be accessed by all users in a single environment that provides access to a repository of incidents in the organization. One of the conditions for ensuring an adequate, efficient and effective risk assessment is the monitoring of operational events. The operational events module allows you to record any event that is a materialization of operational risk. The module assumes that the event occurred at a specified time and entailed certain financial consequences.

The module with the available functionalities allows e.g.:

·       designing forms used in operational events

·       designing the operational event flow

·       defining rights and responsibilities in the operational event flow,

·       reporting an incident, accepting/rejecting the report

·       viewing the status of the reported event,

·       linking the reported event with any form designed in the risk module,

·       presentation of a list of events in the risk module under a selected element.