The most intuitive risk management software

Automatically collects data from the database and publishes it to the user.

Identification – Analysis – Monitoring

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e-risk is a versatile platform offering a unique tool kit enabling complex risk analysis based on an organisation’s own risk management methods.
The purpose of the e-risk platform is to support management decisions at each stage of the risk management process.

In developing e-risk the designers focused on usefulness, ergonomics and such features that build and improve the users’ awareness and knowledge in the field of risk management, from identification, analysis to result monitoring.


Software And Knowledge Made For Each Other.

From the desktop you see when you start up your e-risk to the features you use every day, everything is designed to be easy and intuitive. It’s easy to find, share, and do just about everything. You can control your risk assessment with simple, intuitive functions. Start page makes it easy to open your favorites. Open windows give you quick access to your full library of risk context. The Finder lets you browse and organize your files with ease. Graphs make locating the risks you’re looking for effortless. You can even have your form and the methodology update automatically. In fact, a e-risk does so many things automatically, sometimes you don’t have to do anything at all. Don’t administer but manage!read more