Corruption is constantly a common phenomenon in economic life in Poland as well as around the world. There are frequent reports of concluding contracts or obtaining permits by giving bribes, paid protection or economic corruption.
The ISO 37001 standard uses part of the already existing BS 10500 standard and provides new guidelines in the field of counteracting the risk of corruption.
What is the ISO 37001 anti-corruption system?
This is a proposal of a new standard related to the management of the anti-corruption system. ISO 37001 is to help the organization implement anti-corruption management. It specifies the measures that the organization should implement to prevent, detect and resolve non-compliance related to corruption. The ISO 37001 standard, in analogy to other ISO standards, can be implemented by any organization, from small to medium and large enterprises, the public finance sector and the private sector. It is a flexible tool that can be customized and personalized depending on the size, structure and nature of the organization.
E-risk software allows you to implement a methodology for managing corruption risks that enables quick flow of and access to information on identified threats, which facilitates the monitoring of the most dangerous corruption risks.
The use of e-risk software streamlines the complex process of assessing and analyzing the corruption risk, reduces the costs of managing them by minimizing the time needed to conduct the assessment, preparing reports, generating summaries and analyses on current and historical data.
Very often implemented corruption risk controls are not enough.