The survey module is an integrated solution that ensures a continuous acquisition of data as part of the evaluation of the organization’s functioning using surveys. The module provides one common environment, access to the repository of surveys, questions and analyses. An important feature of this module is the possibility of linking the results from the survey to the risk module.

The module with the available functionalities allows e.g.:

·       designing a set of open and/or closed questions

·       designing a survey with the option of setting the date and periodicity of the survey,

·       linking a question used in the survey with a form designed in the risk module,

·       linking and conditioning the evaluation and acceptance of the assessment results in the risk module with the responses provided by users in the survey,

·       presentation of the results of the conducted survey in the risk module under the selected element,

·       informing users about the need to participate in the survey,

·       access to archival surveys,

·       analyzing the survey results using a report generator.