It allows creating forms, scripts, and defining rights for the implemented risk management methodology

The risk module is the basic module supporting the risk management process. The newly installed program has a clean database that can be customized to the organization. The available functions enable configuring the selected risk management methodology in accordance with the customer’s individual needs. Flexible rights management allows you to easily integrate the process of risk management with a network of rights and responsibilities found in it.

The module with the available functionalities allows e.g.:

·       designing and launching forms for the selected risk management methodology,

·       designing and launching a system of prompts,

·       designing and launching scripts used for risk estimation,

·       designing and launching a system of access and rights for individual users,

·       adding, editing, deleting elements in libraries,

·       informing users about the need to evaluate or accept individual parameters of the risk management methodology,

·       conducting an assessment, accepting the results of risk assessment,

·       analysis of results using the analysis wizard and data presentation in the form of tables, charts or a risk matrix

·       export of the analysis results to an xls file